Reflective vest - 4 colors

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Let us present our smart Reflective vest. If you are wearing dark clothes, you will only be visible at a distance of 20-30 meters, but...


Let us present our smart Reflective vest. If you are wearing dark clothes, you will only be visible at a distance of 20-30 meters, but by using reflectors you will be visible at a distance of 125 meters. A cheap life insurance simply. Reflectors do not only belong on dark country roads. Accidents also occur in densely populated areas that can be easily avoided. Increase your safety in traffic with our flexible Reflex vest, a light and very flexible safety vest. Perfect for walking, running or cycling in the city or on the country road

Our vest is easy to put on and fastened with a smart click-on buckle that can be adjusted to adapt to your fit. It is a "one size fits all" ie can be adjusted to everything from XS to XXXL. Many other reflective vests on the market are large and weigh a lot, but our variant is light and very portable. Something that allows you to fit it in both the backpack or in the jacket pocket when not in use. The vest is very soft and fits well against the body compared to cheaper models. The vest is perfect to take with you in the car or to use, for example, in the evening when you are walking the dog.

Our neon vest can be found in the colors black, blue, pink and popular green.

Highly portable and easy to store
Visible up to a full 500 meters
Adjustable mechanism fits all (XS-XXXL)
Closes easily through its click-on buckle
Safety first
4 nice colors

A reflective vest that suits all ages

With us at The Nordico we want everyone to have the opportunity for a stylish reflective vest. Therefore, we have a selection of several stylish colors so everyone in the family should get their favorite. The vest suits all ages and sizes through its adjustable mechanism. Security is important and therefore we offer free shipping on this popular product.

More than 4,000 customers have already chosen to buy our flexible neon vests for increased visibility in the dark. A discreet design that is very visible in traffic and at the same time sits comfortably on the body of all ages. Developed with a focus on high quality that lasts for several seasons to come thanks to extra durable fabric, unlike cheaper vests. You can also find the reflexväst in our sweditrash store.

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Black, Green, Pink, Blue

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